The Bolivian Hope Center (Centro Boliviano de Esperanza)

Nestled in the heart of a valley near the majestic mountains of Cochabamba, Bolivia stands a place of hope for children. In Cochabamba there are three children under the age of six that are abandoned daily.  The prisons are full of children who are living with their inmate parent because their parent committed a crime or has been suspected of a crime and there is no other place for the child/children to live. Many times these children have to sleep on the hard, cold concrete floors because there is no bed for them.  Many times these same children go hungry because their parent who is in prison has no money to purchase food for them to eat.  Many do not even have warm clothes or blankets for the winter nights in the Andean Mountains of Bolivia.  Then when you think it can get no worse, the older children are randomly removed from the prison due to over crowding and many end up on the streets trying to survive. With these desperate situations comes a dynamic Solution.  "The Bolivian Hope Center"  Founded by Rich and Sandee Farthing.

The Bolivian Hope Center’s ministries include:

  1. 1. The BHC Home of Hope.  A Home where up to 40 children from the prison will have their own beds, a    godly environment, medical and a whole lot of love and support while their parent is in prison. 

  2. 2.The BHC facility is used by the church to provide a meal, tutoring, and training to nearly 600 needy children of the neighborhood. (This aspect of the ministry is funded by Compassion Ministries International) As the neighborhood develops this ministry will be relocated in the years to come.


The Bolivian Hope Center, BHC Home of Hope, are facilitated by Rich and Sandee Farthing and their qualified team of staff and volunteers and is funded solely by the donations and gifts of partners around the world.

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